About us

Laris-Perfect is a long-standing leader in the Ukrainian and European market in the production of high-quality stainless steel products. It specializes in developing and producing radiators (electric and water), structures and products for pools (waterfalls, railings, stairs), as well as containers used in the food industry.

Twenty-nine years of experience in producing bathroom radiators allows the company to develop a large, constantly updated range of products that are in constant demand in Poland, Ukraine, and abroad. The products stand out with unique design solutions, quality of materials used, and absolute reliability in long-term use.

Laris-Perfect water bathroom radiators meet international standards (EN) and technical requirements, taking into account household water supply conditions. The entire production line meets the highest quality standards, which is promoted by the use of the best grades of stainless steel, modern equipment, and the latest technologies in its production.

Laris-Perfect attaches great importance to the reliability of all product samples. Therefore, before bathroom radiators reach the sales network, they undergo multi-aspect tests, including resistance to high pressure, polishing quality, and cleaning of joints and seams. In the case of electric products, electrical safety control is necessary.

The distinguishing features of Laris-Perfect products are:

  • An exceptionally wide range of models with over 250 names and sizes;
  • Modern design;
  • Excellent quality properties;
  • Comfort and reasonable prices.

The powerful industrial database of Laris-Perfect allows for equipping products with components of its own design, which greatly facilitates work during the assembly of bathroom radiators, giving them a harmonious and aesthetic appearance.

The availability of its own production and warehouse resources allows Laris-Perfect to quickly satisfy all the needs of its customers, providing necessary products made of high-quality stainless steel.

Today, Laris-Perfect:

systematically modernizes and improves the models of bathroom radiators and decorative radiators, increasing their retail and wholesale sales;

handles wholesale deliveries throughout Poland and Ukraine, importing high-quality rolled stainless metals;

develops and produces products using the latest design solutions;

fulfills individual non-standard orders, utilizing the possibilities of a specialized store;

has a team of over 200 professionally prepared experts;

has a sales network in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Baltic countries, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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